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About PeveCette

PeVeCette A/S is a Danish company situated in Hans Christian Andersen´s hometown Odense in the heart of Denmark. The company was founded in 1888 under the name of Skandinavisk Gummi Compagni which later was changed to PeVeCette.

Since 1955, PeVeCette has been producing coated fabrics using both the transfer and the direct coating method, and coating with both PU, PVC, Acrylics and combinations of those. Using only European Chemicals allows us to meet the standards of REACH.

Our main products are amongst many other things:

TITEX® Waterproof fabrics for rainwear

TITEX® Waterproof fabrics for workwear

Foam foils


Artificial leathers for upholstery

Incontinence fabrics for mattress protection

Various coatings for industrial products