Artificial Leathers

The most common uses for our artificial leathers are for the boating industry and for the furniture industry.

We can deliver material in a wide range of colours and embossing.

The advantages of using artificial leather are its ease of maintenance and its hard-wearing qualities.

We produce many grades including flame retardant, oil resistant, fungal resistant, antistatic, phthalate-free, allergy friendly, and many more properties.

The furniture industry uses our artificial leather as upholstery material and sometimes in combination with real leather.

The texture of our artificial leather can be smooth or embossed, matt or glossy. It all depends on its end use and if it’s to be used in combination with real leather. We can produce our qualities in various embossed patterns to match more or less any leather grain.

The qualities we deliver for the furniture industry have high light fastness, high durability, easy cleaning properties and a softness to match real leathers.