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Protective Textiles


Our TITEX® range is certified according to various EN norms, and we can offer you products which are:

Fire retardant

Foul weather resistant

Fluorescent colours


Chemical resistant


Jungle rot approved



Most of our fabrics combine several of the above norms and are therefore a preferred choice for manufacturing protective clothing.

The multilayer construction of our coatings, combined with the soft handle, adapted backing textiles and excellent welding properties makes TITEX fabrics a preferred choice for workwear manufacturers.

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PeVeCette A/S has a long experience in producing rainwear materials. It started back in the mid-sixties with rainwear fabrics manufactured on woven cottons. These qualities are still produced today alongside many new fabrics that we have developed to meet the demanding standards of today’s markets.

Our products have many uses, from light elastic rainwear used for children’s rainwear to lacquered heavyweight rainwear materials used by fishermen.

These fabrics are all manufactured under our own registered brand name: TITEX®

The whole of our TITEX® range is produced in a large range of colours. Special colours can be produced to our customer’s wishes.